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Nov 24 / Elliot Darvick

Unbucket’s First Thanksgiving

Unbucket has much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. We are very much a “lean startup,” and so we wanted to share our founders’ respective lists of things Unbucket couldn’t do without on this beautiful American holiday.

When you start from nothing, you find what you’re most grateful for comes into sharp focus. -Elliot

5. Skype – We don’t have an office yet, so it’s the next best thing.
4. EMG – An incredible strategic marketing firm that believes in Unbucket as much as I do.
3. The LA Tech Community – We’re not Silicon Valley, we’re Silicon Beach. We do it our way.
2. People Who Challenge Me – You are making me stronger, so keep bringing the heat.
1. My Inner Circle – You know who you are, I’d be nothing without you.

Unbucket’s core concept translates well into the beginnings of Unbucket itself – two friends with common interests and good ideas. This list contains a few of the things that fill the supporting roles in our adventure. -Brian

5. Dropbox – It serves as our virtual office – file system, backup mechanism, collaboration tool.
4. Textmate/Transmit – The best code editor and FTP program allow us to build this great product we are unleashing.
3. Anyone Who Will Listen – We have received incredible feedback and advice from willing ears around us, whether family, friends, acquaintances or the unsuspecting AMEX customer service rep.
2. Technology – Let’s face it, the ever-changing technology landscape gives us the tools to build something incredible and makes the space in people’s lives that Unbucket fills.
1. My Wife – Katie not only keeps my personal life in order and encourages me to make Unbucket happen, but she also acts as the company secretary and chef.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.