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Apr 10 / Brian

Spring Refresh

The Nest on Unbucket

Long before we moved to Los Angeles, we lived in a climate that had four distinct seasons — and spring was our favorite. Spring mixes two emotions: the relief that winter has finally been laid to rest and the anticipation of summer and all the fun and serendipity it promises.

As the days grow longer, so too do our lists of things we want to do, things we’ve put off until the sun could finally thaw our motivation long frozen by endless gray skies and sub-zero temperatures (we’re looking at you Chicago). In light of this, we offer you as inspiration three lists created by our friends at The Nest, the self-proclaimed “24-7 virtual married-best-friend who’s been there before.”

Using their content as a guide, these lists are meant to help you refresh all elements of your home life, from the bedroom to the kitchen to the food you cook for dinner. Check them out below and click “Start This List” to make them your own.

May this spring be your best, and may your intentions blossom into experiences like never before.

Photo credit: The Nest / Htakahashi