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Feb 6 / Elliot Darvick

We’re Ready for the Second Half

Clint Eastwood gave a halftime pep talk to America tonight, but perhaps those who felt his message most acutely were this country’s quarterbacks: Entrepreneurs. We read the field, we call the plays, and ultimately, it falls on our shoulders to orchestrate and execute it all. As quarterbacks, failure is hung around our necks first, but we rush to stick our necks out because we believe it’s what our country asks of us. We build not for future IPOs, but for the future, period — in other words, the second half.

For Brian and me, this commercial hits home even deeper, because Detroit is still our home and always will be. We draw inspiration from Detroit’s resilience on a daily basis, and still marvel like children at the technological innovations its automakers introduce with every new model year.

As to Unbucket?

We’re just about done lacing up our cleats.

See you on the field.

Yours Truly, Unbucket

And for those of you that missed it: