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Jun 20 / Elliot Darvick

Unbucket: The Official App of Summer


Jump off a roof into Lake Placid

On the very first day of the season, we pronounce Unbucket the “Official App of Summer.”

You: Uh, can you just claim that?
Why not? We Googled it and no one else has.
You: Okay, tell me more.

Gladly. Read on in your best Don Draper voice.

Summer is a finite substance to be cherished and savored like a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. To really get the most out of summer, you need to embrace its potential and plan ahead while still leaving enough room for chance encounters with dawn. You need to wake up the person next to you, right now, and have them swear to you this summer will be like no other. You need an Unbucket list packed with everything you want to do and will do — shared with the people you care about most.

So that’s our pitch. Unbucket, The Official App of Summer.

Jumped off a roof into Lake Placid

Okay, now switch to your best, most reassuring disclaimer guy voice.

*Although Unbucket claims to be the “official” app of summer, we can’t actually back that up.  At no time has summer actually endorsed Unbucket; in fact, summer has yet to return our calls.

Still reading? Here’s your beta invite code to start the summer off right: Summer (limited to 25)