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Jan 28 / Elliot Darvick

Launch Partner Highlight Series:
HelloGiggles x Unbucket

This series highlights the amazing group of organizations and individuals contributing to our first set of branded Unbucket lists. We felt their investment and belief in what we’re accomplishing together warranted special recognition.

Old Lady Movie Night (HelloGiggles x Unbucket)

A great ambition of Unbucket is to turn online content into offline action. Unbucket envisions a world where crossing the gap between reading something interesting to do and committing to doing it is as seamless as clicking a button. The first step is turning great content into Unbucket lists for our community and the communities of the content creators to live out in real life. When the opportunity arose to work with the website HelloGiggles to do just this, we were beyond excited.

But not as excited as our sister Emma:

omg. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. hold on things are nuts ill be calling you back in a sec. hello GIGGLES. HELLO GIGGLES? aka one of the sites i visit EVERY DAY. as in ZOEY DESCHANEL?????????????????????

HelloGiggles, the website founded by actress/musician Zooey Deschanel, producer Sophia Rossi and writer/internet sensation Molly McAleer, often inspires this type of response from its legion of fans that flock to it daily seeking entertainment written for smart, independent and creative females. Working with one of their wonderful writers, Michelle Escobar, we’ve turned five of their content series into the following Unbucket lists for you to make your own and live out in real life:

We did something extra special for these lists, too. At our suggestion, HelloGiggles graciously asked their #1 fan (Emma, see above) to illustrate custom artwork for each list (which she agreed to do approximately .25 seconds after she was asked.)

We hope you enjoy the lists, we hope you enjoy the artwork, and we look forward to bringing you many more collaborations between Unbucket and HelloGiggles.

3 Questions with Michelle Escobar of HelloGiggles

Michelle Escobar is a regular writer for HelloGiggles. Of note, she has contributed numerous interviews to the Women Working to Do Good is a series, a collaboration between HelloGiggles and the White House. Michelle is an aspiring comedy writer living in Los Angeles.

1. Why were you excited to work with Unbucket?
When I first heard about Unbucket, my gut reaction was, “Why hasn’t this existed before?!” This website is perfect to keep track of the things you want to do that’s out of your ordinary routine, which everyone should be doing. I love watching a film I’ve been putting off because of work, and when I do, I check it off and feel I accomplished something productive.

2. Can you share a personal experience with one of the HelloGiggles x Unbucket list items?
My favorite HelloGiggles x Unbucket list is definitely the Old Lady Movie Night list. It really has some classics that I know I should watch but haven’t had the time. The list has “While You Were Sleeping,” which I had completely forgotten how much I loved! Yes, it’s a chick flick, but it’s a great flick. It also brought back memories of when I first watched it with my friends in school.

3. In what way does HelloGiggles bring people closer?
HelloGiggles brings friends together and also helps you meet new friends. HelloGiggles is all about building a community of strong, independent women (and men, too)! I feel these lists will allow our readers to meet up with friends, new and old, and share new experiences that will help them bond, create memories and become better friends.