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Nov 8 / Elliot Darvick

Introducing Unbucket for Mobile

Unbucket Mobile

“A mobile app would significantly improve my daily usage of Unbucket.” – Everyone

We’re super excited to share that Unbucket is now available on your mobile device. We knew from the very start that a mobile app was crucial to the Unbucket experience; we just wanted to understand what our community desired in a mobile app before we began building it. As always, your feedback was instrumental to the process.

Just visit from your mobile device and log in.

It’s that simple.

If your mobile device has a browser, your mobile device has Unbucket – no need to wait for a version built for [insert operating system here]. This was one of the biggest reasons we chose to start off with a browser-based HTML5 app vs. a native app (which is still on our near-term product roadmap!)

Now you can:

  • Reference your lists – Wake up on Saturday and pick an item off your “It’s The Freakin Weekend in a Robert Kelley Voice” list before you even get out of bed. No need to walk across the apartment to your computer.
  • Add items to your lists – How many times have you walked past that giant billboard of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abe Lincoln and said, “Looks like an epic movie, we should add it to our list.” Now you can, right from your phone.
  • Complete and add notes to your list items – Did you just finish eating a meal at a restaurant you’ve been waiting all year to check off on a list? Complete it and add notes capturing what everyone ate and what you should order next time (definitely the Hazelnut Banana Meringue Dome)

We’ve even created easy instructions for adding an Unbucket icon to your home screen:

Let us know what you think in the comments below. This is only the beginning of Unbucket mobile and we’d love your help in shaping what comes next.

Happy (on-the-go) Unbucketing!

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